Artist Statement

I am addicted to the creative act. Nowhere else do I find the daily excitement of small victories, flashes of inspiration, or the exhilaration of a successful execution.  When I paint, I see the world with broader interest, curiosity, and a wonder that sharpens my instincts for appreciation and gratitude.

I am drawn to strong images, bold colors, and sharp contrasts. I draw inspiration from posters, newspapers, glossy ads, as well as post-modernism, surrealism, and magical thinking.  There is nothing subtle about my art. It is graphic, provocative, and whimsical in nature. My aim is to make you stop, look, think, and look again. Some works tell a story, while others may beg a question. The goal is to make a connection and spark new perspectives. 

I paint in bursts, succumbing to “flow”, driven by the ecstasy of learning and an urgency to be productive. I paint from my own and discovered photographs, often combining images, creating juxtapositions and ironies.  I am fascinated by the exploration of and appreciation for different cultures, varying concepts of beauty, and the myriad ways of self-expression. I get captured by themes to explore and elaborate on. Currently, I’m transitioning from a series on Expressive Women to a Crown and Headdress series. Previous themes include Bodies in Motion – whether dancing, falling, flying or floating – Lost Childhood, Riots and the Fashion World.

Although my primary medium is oil on canvas or panel, I also work with acrylics, ink, and mixed media, as well as on paper and wood.

Using Format