Artist Bio:

Born in 1946 just after World War II, Jeremy Hubball grew up in New York City and earned his BA from Princeton University in 1969. Subsequently, he taught elementary and high school for 4 years, followed by 40 years in commercial real estate, financial services, and consulting.

Throughout his varied careers and dedication to raising a family, he managed to pursue the three passions that inform his work: exploring wilderness; creating art; and working to improve the health and education of children in under-resourced communities. In 2005, he co-founded The Children's Initiative, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and education of children in Vietnam, Honduras, and Haiti.

He has experienced remote landscapes around the globe, from the middle of oceans to the highest mountain tops, and he is scheduled to earn his Masters in Fine Arts in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2024.

In addition to his family of four children and eight grandchildren, his interests include high-altitude mountaineering, travel to remote places, and a fascination with different cultures and world events.

Artist Statement:

I have an affinity for infinity, for being up high where I can see forever and glory in limitless vistas unspoiled by humans. Such wilderness can both uplift and terrify as we confront our insignificance. My reimagined landscapes explore this vastness of space and the daily conflict between the seemingly solid and the relentless forces of change. 

In spite of the appearance of permanence, like us the landscape is in constant flux. I feature the fugitive nature of sky and water by exaggerating their fleeting forms and endowing them with vibrant hues.  By focusing on the inherent tensions, I search out each landscape’s story and singular sense of place. 

In an increasingly frenzied and simulated world, my concentration on landscape is a turn back to that which precedes us and will survive us. By redirecting our gaze to these unspoiled, uninhabited places, we remind ourselves of our origins and responsibilities. It is my way of understanding my time and place in the world order and appreciating the purity and fragility of nature while probing for the Sublime.


1969         Princeton University, BA, English

1978         Babson University, MBA Program

2023        Las Lagunas Gallery, Group Show

2023        Level, Featured Artist

2023        Featured Artist in New This Week  by Saatchi Art, December 18th

2024        Savannah College of Art & Design, Fall, Projected Masters of Fine Arts

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